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Green Heaven Hội An Resort & Spa

Green Heaven Resort & Spa is a boutique 4-star hotel and was completed in 2014. The resort is ideally located in the heart of Hoi An and walking access to all the famous heritages. 



Living in her unique beauty of Vietnamese traditional charms and modern architectures, Green Heaven Hoi An Resort & Spa features 75 rooms and suites which its own style of decoration, modern plus taste-of-the art facilities and stunning views of the ancient town and Hoai River. Our rooms designed and decorated perfectly blend between the Vietnamese lifestyle architecture and Heritage influenced theme, to ensure the most comfortable and enjoyable stay.
Our swimming pool is in the center of the resort which gives our guests a very relaxing atmosphere. Despite of hot weather, we still experienced a cool air in our resort.
Our restaurant is facing with Hoai river created a very beautiful view at night and in the day time we can see the beauty of blue sky’s reflection on Hoai river, it gives our guests a feeling of peacefulness in Hoi An city.



Reasons to choose Green Heaven Resort & Spa:
5 stars services.

  • We make sure our guests will have 5 stars services in 4 stars resort. Our staffs will always be ready to serve and meet all the needs of our guests.

Central & convenient location.

  • Right in the heart of Hoi An town, just less than 5 minutes to the night market and Japanese Bridge, Hoai river is just right before our eyes.

Balconies for every rooms.

  • We have balconies for every rooms and our guests can have a place to relax.

A strong internet connection.

  • In each room, we have provided different wifi and we ensured that our guests can have a very strong internet connection. We are sure that our guests will be able to connect to the whole world despite of where they are.

Clean environment & 24/7 security.

  • We provide housekeeping services to clean the resort and our guests’s rooms everyday to make sure our guests will have a clean environment to stay and enjoy their holidays.
  • Our resort uses the safest hi-tech key to access to the rooms and we have provided CCTV as well as our receptionists and securities are round the clock on duty.



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